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Defender Wood


All Defender Wood parts are based on the original Landrover design. Each product is hand crafted by Dutch woodworkers that all have a special skill to produce a specific part. The products have a natural look and touch and are provided with a natural finish. It handles well oil and mud stains that can occur in the natural life of your Defender. Defender Wood products are of legal source, traceable and sustainably harvested.

Dutch Elm

The growth area of our world famous inland elm is in Dutch-Flanders, close to the Belgium border. We found the right quality due to our presence close to the area. Our elm stands out for the beautiful and lively drawing. The nerves seem to tumble over eachother.

French oak from the Bourgogne

The growth area of this beautiful oak we carefully selected is in the east of France. We use summer oak which is also used to produce high quality oak barrels for French wine from the Bourgogne area.  The wood is produced by a small local sawmill that already for generations works in old French privately owned forests.

Olive wood from Calabria

Way down south, on the other side of Sicilia, Italy lays the region of Calabria. Here we found our Italian woodworkers. A family business located in the countryside. It’s from these passionate top-notchers that we get the highest quality olive wood.

American walnut from Indiana

The growing area of our walnut wood is the East of the United States. This quality wood can have a dark purple glow to it. The wood is very dense and has a very luxurious appearance.

Iroko from Cameroon

In the East of Cameroun we source our Iroko from small community forests. The sale of this wood, sometimes called African teak, supports local communities to invest in water and housing projects. Iroko is used often in yachting and is tough, dense and very durable. Its colour is light to deep-golden brown.

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